30th June - 1st July 2022

Virtual conference

An exciting new tech fest by Coding Black Females for everyone!

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What to expect

  • Live Demos
  • Technical Talks
  • Networking
  • Workshops & More!
  • In-person after party!!

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Who is this for?

For everyone who’s got an interest, working or pivoting into tech.

What is cbf fest?

A place to come and learn about the latest trends, meet your people and up your skills.

Why attend?

To continue growing your skills, to greet old friends and meet new people, and find out about job opportunities.

Paying it forward

We believe in breaking down socio-economic barriers, if you can afford it - buy and donate tickets.

Getting involved

You can get involved by sponsoring, speaking, running a workshop, volunteering or attending. Whatever you decide, we’d love to see you!

CBF Fest Topics



Future Tech



Career Development

Cyber Security



There are many tech communities out there, and we love working with the ones who are aligned with our values. These are some of the brilliant communities helping us throw this amazing event, and they also support our efforts to increase representation in the tech.


Our sponsors are not only helping us throw this amazing event, they also support our efforts to increase representation in the tech industry through career opportunities. At CBF Fest you'll be connecting with the best to network and find your next career opportunity.


The team are getting this ready for you. Keep an eye out for it